LSU came into the game led by Heisman winner Joe Burrow taking on the defending champions led by QB Trevor Lawrence undefeated at 25-0.  With both tiger teams coming into the game with an unprecedented amount of momentum it was sure to be a thrilling game in which it truly was!  The game could not have started any better for Clemson as a key penalty pushed LSU back near their own end zone leading to a sack on third and long forcing LSU to punt the ball.  Clemson answered that with a touchdown drive capped off by a short TD run from Trevor Lawrence. LSU answered quickly on a 4 play drive capped off by a 52 yard touchdown from Joe Burrow to Ja’Marr Chase.  The entire first half was offensive heaven and more than likely what a lot of fans wanted out of a title match of epic proportions! There were big plays that went for 30, 40, and even 50 yards throughout the half back and forth scoring on both sides.  The half ended with a score of 28-17 led by LSU and the second half seemed primed for some more explosive action considering the first half shootout. With Clemson able to force a 3 and out at the beginning of the half and march down the field and score on the next drive plus adding a 2-pt conversion to boot it seemed momentum was all on their side.  With a 28-25 score the game was well within reach for Clemson to take back to back victories in National Championship games but unfortunately for them, this would be as close as they would come. LSU dominated all the way through after this, shutting out Clemson for the rest of the game while adding 2 more touchdowns of their own courtesy of touchdown catches from Thaddeus Moss and Terrace Marshall Jr.  The final score would be in favor of LSU 42-25 winning their first National Title since 2007 and the first in the CFB playoff era. Joe Burrow ended the game 31/49 with 463 yards and 5 touchdowns capping off an already legendary season where he broke the CFB season touchdown record with 60. In 2019 we may have possibly witnessed the greatest season in CFB history from a player in Joe Burrow from breaking records to winning the Heisman Trophy and finally the National Championship.  It was great to see the journey unfold and I look forward to seeing what happens next season!

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